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What We Offer

At Impawsible Pups, our goal is to make you and your dog happy and comfortable. We offer a variety of different services to suit your needs. Services include:

Spa Packages

Rhyanna's Pawdicure

A dog's feet go through a lot. They walk over asphalt and gravel, through snow and grass. They carry your dog while she's running, jumping, playing, or just going for a stroll, and sometimes they deserve a little extra attention. In this package, we'll give your dog's paws some extra TLC. Rhyanna's Pawdicure includes a nail trim, nail file, paw massage, and even nail color. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Millie's Magnificent Colors

Let your dog show her true colors with this package! Whether your dog needs some extra flare for a holiday or special event, or you just want to have some fun, this package can fit everyone's needs. Millie's Magnificent Colors includes a bath, nail trim, full body massage, and hair coloring. Be sure to ask us about different design options as well!

Lollie's Luxury Day

After a day of meet and greets and saying, “Hi,” to new friends, sometimes a dog needs some special time to relax. They need a day of luxury. This package is just the ticket. Lollie's Luxury Day includes a bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, and full body massage. Using the gentlest of shampoos, your dog will leave here with a coat that is both clean and soft.

Cody's Cool Cuts

Some dogs lead adventurous lives. They enjoy hiking in the mountains, swimming in the river, and running through the fields. Unfortunately for these dogs, their thick and heavy coats can leave them hot and tangled after these adventures. Cody's Cool Cuts can help! Bring your dog in for this spa treatment which includes a bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, ear cleaning, full body massage, and a haircut. When your dog leaves here after this treatment he'll be relaxed and ready to head back to the wilderness!

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